We help University Enterprise teams, to communicate their wide variety of offers to support the innovation of students and businesses, using video.

1. Entice Business to Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and Other Business Support

  • Targeting the industry sector with powerful awareness videos
  • Follow up with explainer videos
  • Provide social proof with testimonial videos
  • Build it into an automated system to save you time to focus on everything else

We have an offering that directly supports driving awareness to Knowledge Transfer Partnership’s. To learn more about that service please click the button below.

2. Celebrate Alumni to showcase the support the University provides

  • Facilities that helped support
  • Staff that helped
  • Linking their degree with how the business now operates
  • Santander Internships and how they have supported the businesses

We can:

  • Edit images or videos you already have
  • Provide on location filming and editing
  • Maximise the value of the content with a mini series and platform specific content

“Our technical expertise within Engineering and Innovation and our background and understanding of enterprise enables us to quickly understand the project and create a succinct and clear brief that aligns with your goals”.

3. Drive more attendance and legacy with online events

  • Increase sign ups with a teaser video
  • Support with delivering higher quality, better participation and stream across multiple platforms for greater reach
  • Follow up with attendees with follow up information video
  • Inspire more people even after the event has finished.

Enterprise Manager Case Study

Discover how we supported Rajinder Bhuhi, Leicester Inovation Hub manager with an innovative approach.


“Our mission is to support UK enterprise and innovation and create videos that make you proud of the work you do and the University you work with”.

Other areas we support:


Turning your video or podcast into additional social content

Meet the team Video

Introduction to the individuals that provide the support

Showcase Talent

Show off the talent pool and achievements of students and graduates

Explainer videos

Show the different areas of support you can provide

Stories and successes

Share stories of what’s been overcome during COVID


Inform students and businesses about enterprise activity

“We understand that you have lots to juggle as part of the enterprise team, so we structure the process of all our video projects so your time requirements are minimal, whilst clearly communicating all major decision with you”.