What is the benefit of working with video production company that specialises in technology?
Firstly, we are passionate about tech, which means we are already engaged and may already know about you and what you do.

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Secondly, we break down complex processes for easy communication, which means:


We understand the design process of what you have been through, so we can fixate on the features that matter


We’re great at not only attracting the attentions of the audience on an emotional level, but know that it’s the rational things that creates a sale


We keep up to date with trends, so we know the audience’s habits, wants/ needs and what they engage with and who the decision maker is (they’re not always who you might think!).


We know the technical terms, which means we can fit into your way of thinking and work closer with you and your company.

Pain Points

Pain Points

Pain Points


Identifying the customer’s pain points is something that makes the product have a need, so you can attract the attention of that demographic to solve their current needs, whether they know it’s a need or not. However, to engage this must be subtle. Hover over the video to see how we do it.

Key Features

Key Features

Key Features


Spelling out key features, however good they might be, can put off a purchaser which is why we understand what yours might be and create a story around them. Allowing the customer to put themselves in place of the video and draw their own conclusions is far more powerful.





Because we are so into technology ourselves, we surround ourselves with it and the people who also love it. Which means we understand the audience more than most and do additional research to continually find out more about them. Whether that’s B2B or B2C because of experience we make sure that the tone of voice, sound, style and character all align with the user.

Our Process


“Alex’s attitude is very professional and he makes people who he is interviewing very comfortable because he had eye contact and leading questions. He opened up a lot of people because a lot of people are shy at the beginning”

Ozcan Makinaci, IWS Leader - P&G

“They took initiative; the video Tale Production did for me was product based so they went out, did some location scouting, found some volunteers who were willing to model the product for him, rather than requiring my involvement in that side of things so that was good and helped to build a story as well with real people who would use the product.”

Simon Lyons, Director - Version 22

“We just found it very reliable working with them because we kind of knew we could leave our faith in Alex the Director”.

Sophie Kelly, Director - Snooks


Great, give us a call!

We can have you sit down with one of our trained, qualified product engineers and user experience developers, who are trained to be able to understand all the technical elements of what you do. As a result, we will gain insight into your values and benefits to understand your customer – What interests them, how do they currently feel and how your offering will benefit their lives?