Right Person.  Right Content.  Right Time.

How we place your videos in front of your customers.

“The single most important strategy in content marketing today is video.”

by Gary Vee

Finding the right person.

Creating Custom Audiences

Drawing on our previous buyer’s persona research, we create custom audiences on the relevant social media platform.

Segmenting The Market

The platforms enable us to segment the market by a large number of details, including location, age, gender, language, demographics and behaviours.

Targeting the Right Person

This ensures that the right person is targeted with the relevant video, that engagement is high and ad spend is optimised.

Delivering the right content.

Multiple Ad Groups

For each stage of the buyer’s journey, we create multiple ad groups simultaneously that allows us to distribute the ads that engage the customer the best.

Custom Storylines

We provide custom storylines for each video that both retain your audience’s attention and inform them in the correct way.

Evergreen Content

Our evergreen content offering enables you to generate continuous organic traffic to your site, improve SEO rankings and better engage your customers.

Ensuring the right timing.

Video Retargeting

Since only 1-5% of customers will convert from the first ad, we make sure to re-engage customers who don’t complete website goals through video retargeting.

Sales Funnel Stages

These retargeting ads bring customers back into the sales funnel and ensure that they move through their buyer’s journey.

Customer Decision Making

Using lists created from Analytics goal completions, we know what stage of decision making the customer is in and which content needs to be delivered to them and when.

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