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Are you looking for a solution to drive awareness and conversion of KTP’s to businesses?

Do you want to:

  1. Climb the University KTP league table
  2. Remove businesses negativity of working with academics
  3. Quickly build a list of warm leads
  4. Save yourself time, not having to continually explain the KTP process
  5. Highlight the full range of support you can offer to businesses
  6. Develop a system that has lifelong unlimited value

Other Universities we have supported:

See the video below to learn more:

No more cold outreach

Focus on the answering questions of all your new warms leads

Save time

Not having to explain the KTP offer each time, with automation that does it for you

Leave a legacy

With a system that offers unlimited value and continually converts new businesses

If you would like an instant quote for our KTP offer. Please click here:

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A dedicated offer for KTP managers,
Crafted with our Innovating customers needs in mind
With input from all our University Enterprise clients.

What one of our University Clients thinks of us

One of our many Innovation clients

“Alex was taking care of a lot of that scheduling and workflow. It really eased the administrative burden for me”.

Anna Leather,
Research and Enterprise Marketing Manager,
Loughborough University

How much time would it take to complete the project from start to finish?2020-10-21T11:32:22+00:00

We can complete all the work with you within 2 weeks time. However, we are aware that communicating with academics and waiting for them to book a date in with us can take more time as they are busy. So we typically say the project will take 4 to 5 weeks.

How much time will I need to put into this process?2020-10-28T15:00:59+00:00

We will need your support with parts of the communication and delivery of the project and this equates to approximately 2 days of your time.

Can we do this campaign for all our specialist areas in one go?2020-10-21T11:46:13+00:00

It’s possible that we can do all of the areas in one go and create a 30 second video that includes more than one specialist areas. However, what we would recommend is that when you send people to a landing page after they have watched the video, that you give them options to select which industry they are in. So that you can follow up with videos from relevant academics.

Can we alter the approach from the eBook if we wanted to work with you on this project?2020-10-21T11:54:41+00:00

Yes of course, if there are changes you want to make that would work better with your needs then by all means. We can advise and adapt to support with this.
Get in touch via: alexlees@taleproduction.com or on +44 7415 265 851

If we wanted you to come and do some filming too is this possible?2020-10-21T11:58:19+00:00

Yes, we have capability to do additional filming, which is dependent on any local restrictions, but can safely film projects on campus with you. It’s worth discussing this with us as they might be ways we can make the most out of coming to film on site and get the most value from being there. Get in touch at: alexlees@taleproduction.com or call us on +44 7415 265 851

Sample images from recent projects

Our System has Unlimited Value


Get more from all your marketing content

Once setup, any and all awareness marketing content
can drive traffic into the conversion funnel.

Our mission is to support Universities to strengthen UK business allowing the development of innovation and technology.

Driving awareness to businesses to show them the specialties of Universities is one of those ways.

The one any only KTP marketing eBook

We are so proud of the offering and support we provide KTP managers to help them shape UK Innovation.

So much so, we created an eBook to show you the full details, process and implementation of our offer.


If you are an Enterprise Marketer and have a different idea you want to work with us one, then please feel free to get in touch and we can discuss this in more detail.

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