We offer the full package as a video production company, with a great team to take your needs and turn it into a great content strategy or one-off video project.


It’s common for lots of companies to create content without any real video strategy.
But to stand out you need something that will:


Influence the target audience at each stage of the customer journey


Break down your complex process for your customer to understand


Understand your customer’s behaviours and the popular trends of what they engage with


Increase SEO, click through, ROI and sales

“Alex’s attitude is very professional and he makes people who he is interviewing very comfortable because he had eye contact and leading questions. He opened up a lot of people because a lot of people are shy at the beginning”

Ozcan Makinaci, IWS Leader - P&G

“They took initiative; the video Tale Production did for me was product based so they went out, did some location scouting, found some volunteers who were willing to model the product for him, rather than requiring my involvement in that side of things so that was good and helped to build a story as well with real people who would use the product.”

Simon Lyons, Director - Version 22

“We just found it very reliable working with them because we kind of knew we could leave our faith in Alex the Director”.

Sophie Kelly, Director - Snooks

As you may know, we break down any complex process for easy communication to the target audience.
But what does that mean and how do we do it?


The call: Once you have shown an interest to work with us, we will probably take a step back and work out what the aim and objective are short and long term for the company.


Breakdown: You can then sit down with one of our trained qualified product engineers and user experience developers, who are trained to be able to understand all the technical elements of what you do. As a result, we will understand your values, benefits and understand your customer – What interests them, how do they currently feel and how your offering will benefit their lives?


Proposition: We can then provide a treatment and storyline to highlight our thought process and explain our ideas and what will be required to achieve this. Along with a Gantt chart so you know when things will be completed.


Production: We use our custom-built matrix to determine the best cameras for the job. Bring any other resources required, from our amazing pool of contacts. This could be from a pool of talented actors, aerial filming, underwater filming and topped off with great locations to make it look great.


Post Production: Colour, sound and styling all impact the emotion and feelings that are felt about the final video. So custom graphics to suit your brand, recording studio or licensed music to add emotion, and expert colour grades to give the quality feel all make up what makes us different.


Distribution: As we aim to continually improve our videos, we don’t want to ruin that, so we partner with the best marketing companies to make sure the right people are watching your content on social media, on your site, at exhibitions and even displayed up on billboards.