How our videos are created

Unique content
Our 4 years of experience helps to formulate the stories we create.

Widening the funnel.
How people engage, disengage, make decisions and lose focus formulates how we create our content journey maps.

Below is a dissection of everything involved

Awareness Stage Content | explained

Appealing to target audience | Environment setup | Creating the story | Colour styling | Film technique | Lighting techniques

Consideration Stage Content | explained

Video Position | Key features | Pain points | Entice | Lighting | Music choice | Colour style | Script structure

Decision Stage Content | explained

Purpose | Types of decision video| best one for you | Reverse requirements | Customer questions | Examples

Evergreen Content | explained

Brand building | SEO improvement | Customer building | The benefits | How to do it | Examples | Providing actors

Landing Pages

Different landing pages for retargeting.
So, your customer sees only the relevant things at that stage.

Landing page | Copy | Design | Build – or work with your in-house team.

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