An Enterprise Overview Video That Can Be Used in 40+ Different Ways

– Are you struggling to justify the expense of a single enterprise video?

– Or, do you have an enterprise video that’s out of date, but you can’t justify the time and expense to update it?


Here is your tailor-made enterprise solution

We have developed an enterprise overview video marketing strategy that provides you with everything you need to get across in an enterprise video. But with our clever approach, you can repurpose that 1 video into 6 or more standalone videos that in total has 22 different marketing purposes and benefits and the potential of 40+ touchpoints.

Download the Full Process and Price Sheet Below

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Does this sound familiar?

1. You have a great enterprise offer, but it can take time to nurture, engage and convert student’s, graduates and/or businesses.

2. You may also have specific targets for KTP’s, innovation projects, sustainability audits, funded collaboration projects and more

3. Worse still you might be receiving pressure from the board with the need to convince them of the value of enterprise.

This strategy can solve all these problems for your enterprise team and also give you the recognition you deserve, to be able to support more innovation and see a greater impact on your university and society.

Our experience seeing enterprise from every angle has enabled us to formulate an enterprise video structure that answers all the audiences questions

With the benefit of each section being broken down into 6 More Valuable Standalone Enterprise Assets

Who You Support
and Why

It’s essential to start with the who and why to let the viewer know it’s relevant to them.

We need to make an emotional connection with the audience, to make them stop and listen.

Industry Expertise to Overcome Challenges

Highlight the industry expertise of the university and staff, to show the audience you have the right skills and knowledge to support their needs and make sure you are attracting the right people.

Specific Offers to Support Them

The detail of what you offer. This makes it much more relatable for your audience and will make them much more likely to engage with you.

Previous Results Achieved

It is often helpful for your audience to see what your team has previously achieved, this will allow them to relate to specific achievements and begin to understand how you can support them to do the same.

Testimonials/ Success Stories

Testimonials are important as they are real-life stories and evidence that you have achieved success in the past. Building up your case of evidence enables you to build a bigger picture of the tools and support that you have on offer.

How Your Team Can Support

This is a key part of the video as it allows you to put faces to names. It always feels much less intimidating if you can act as a friendly face to what can sometimes be an intimidating or soulless shop front.

Each piece of content can be distributed across a variety of different on and offline platforms

Email Marketing

Social Media



Virtual Events

In Person

And we will give you full access to a partner only portal, to show you how to distribute all the content in the most effective and efficient way

“Improve REF impact, attract the best individuals and facilitate world-class real world impact”.

Benefits and Results

– With the modular approach, the video can be adapted and updated giving it value for many years

– Maximises how far your budget can go and minimises the amount of time doing all these things separately

– We can utilise previous stock footage from your database and utilise our 1.8 million stock video database if required

– We can provide different options for in-person or virtual filming, which allows up to 4k virtual interviews, for those who it is not feasible to film in person

– The content can also be further combined with other marketing such as high-value giveaways, blogs, newsletters, PR and more

Download the Full Process and Price Sheet Below

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“The benefit has been a very agile response, a great understanding of how universities work, as well an appreciation of how we need to turn things around really quickly

Rajinder Bhuhi, University of Leicester Innovation Hub Manager

“I’m constantly dealing with lots of projects so being able to actually bring someone in who absolutely got the brief in a short space of time and then just run with things makes life so much easier”.

Anna Leather, Research and Enterprise Marketing Manager, Loughborough University