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The human mind is made up of conscious and subconscious thinking processes that define our daily interactions.

Following research by Daniel Kahneman, these processes are more commonly referred to as the system 1 and system 2 of the brain.

System 1 – the subconscious

Is always on
Is quite fast
Draws on intuition and association
Has a large capacity
Requires no effort

the conscious – System 2

Is very lazy
Is considerably slow
Draws on logic and rationality
Has a limited capacity
Requires full focus

Since a significant number of an individual’s daily activities are processed by the subconscious mind, understanding and appealing to it is vital for marketing.

How This Helps Video Marketing

Appealing to the different systems of the brain at different times is vital for creating a smooth buyer’s journey from awareness to consideration to decision of your product or service.

The Awareness Stage | Appeals to System 1

A scroll-stopping video
that captures the potential customer emotionally.

Cut through the noise
ensure that your video directly relates to your customer.

Relating the video to one of the following helps with ideas:
Pain | Emotion | Fear | Contrast | Ego

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The Consideration Stage | Appeals to both System 1 & 2

Key feature demonstration
analytical based feature structuring utilising the kano model approach

Maintain audience retention
throughout the video with customer associations, visuals and transitions.

Key feature ranking is vital and includes splitting them into:
Mandatory | Performance | Attractive | Reverse

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The Decision Stage | Appeals to System 2

Answering customer questions
determining the doubts and FAQs of your customers.

Quality vs cost
Producing the right content based on your perceived value in the market

This includes:
Peer testimonial | Professional review | How-to-use | Expertise content

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How We Work

To build a detailed buyer’s persona of your product, we first get to know your company and customers through:

  • Product benefit structuring
  • Social questioning
  • Decision analysis

Conducting our own market research, we understand your customer’s pain points, which can be:

  • Financial: Cost Usage
  • Productivity: Time Effectiveness
  • Process: Internal Systems
  • Support: Customer Support

Using the Kano Model, we then prioritise the pain points into the different requirements:

  • Attractive: They help differentiate your business, but are not essential components
  • Indifferent: They don’t affect user satisfaction or performance if present or not
  • Mandatory: They are intrinsic to the product or service, always being needed
  • Performance: They increase satisfaction the more the intensity of the feature
  • Reverse: If present, they dissatisfy and are perceived negatively be customers

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