We have a variety of behind-the-scenes videos highlighting our expertise.

Some of which can be seen below:

Outside, underwater and aerial filming

ASAP watercrafts, in Ibiza, x2 models, a Yacht, 2 days camping.

x2 GoPro’s, x1 DJI Drone, x1 stabiliser rig

Colour grading, lighting & slow motion

Jake Wood, over 50,000 organic social views, 138 Facebook shares

x2 large floodlights, x1 stabiliser at 96FPS and a mathcing colour grade

Full video here

Macro (close up), slow motion filming

Macro detail providing stunning visuals that can be used to help tell a story.


Studio setting, top down filming

LoyalFree’s main advert

Over 100 props, inclduing variety of tables, confetti, food drink and more to show their diversity

Full video here

3D Motion Graphics and VFX

EMAHSN, New Director introduction

On brand, custom VFX using Adobe Suite, Maxon and Red Giant, a cinema quality motion graphics platform

Full video here

Slow-motion object filming

Active Partnerships, growing the seed campaign

240 fps slow motion with bespoke animation, and recordings captured via zoom over lockdown

Full video here

Onset production and VFX

William Hercock, landscape display
3D motion tracking and visual effects to showoff the full range at a landscape display site.

Full video here

Onset production product photography

Stretton Fox, product photography

Photography of awkward products, that dont stand up.

Supporting the NHS

  • Making people feel comfortable on camera,
  • Getting across the heroicness of staff members with angles and colour
  • Delivering a powerful message

Full video here


  • Providing tips and techniques during interviews
  • We have now conducted over 350 interviews

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