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Alex Lees Meng


Alex’s journey started with an engineering Masters degree at Loughborough University, followed by a few years of experience with worldwide engineering companies. Alex then turned his knowledge of the industry and combined it with his creative mind to form the company.

April Pass

Marketing Lead

April comes from a creative background in Fine Art after studying at Loughborough University. After working with Entrepreneurs and enterprises, she found her passion for supporting SMEs and completed a Masters degree in Management. Having a career in Marketing combines her love for both creativity and business.

Priyal Parekh

Marketing, social media and advertising intern

Priyal’s love for video production first grew while working for India’s leading sports broadcaster. It turned into passion when she worked alongside the sports media team at Loughborough University while pursuing her Masters in Sport Management. She aims to combine video production and digital strategy into a profession.

Andre Brito

User Experience

Andre Brito is a documentary filmmaker, videographer and associate lecturer at Loughborough University, where he teaches innovative approaches to rapid-prototyping such as blending video story making with User Experience (UX) Design, Design for Social Innovation and Design Thinking (‘video-prototyping’). His Experience provides valuable in site into customers during projects.

Megan Powell


Megan Powell Vreeswijk is a mentor, inspiration and friend when it comes to Tale Production. With her highly valuable knowledge and networks in the world of business she has been a great support for the success and ongoing development of the business.

“Alex’s attitude is very professional and he makes people who he is interviewing very comfortable because he had eye contact and leading questions. He opened up a lot of people because a lot of people are shy at the beginning”

Ozcan Makinaci, IWS Leader - P&G

“They took initiative; the video Tale Production did for me was product based so they went out, did some location scouting, found some volunteers who were willing to model the product for him, rather than requiring my involvement in that side of things so that was good and helped to build a story as well with real people who would use the product.”

Simon Lyons, Director - Version 22

“We just found it very reliable working with them because we kind of knew we could leave our faith in Alex the Director”.

Sophie Kelly, Director - Snooks


Great, give us a call!

We can have you sit down with one of our trained, qualified product engineers and user experience developers, who are trained to be able to understand all the technical elements of what you do. As a result, we will gain insight into your values and benefits to understand your customer – What interests them, how do they currently feel and how your offering will benefit their lives?