Each and every one of us has stumbled upon a cat video on the internet. They’re adorable, cute, exciting and just purely captivating. But, how can you stand out over those cat videos and capture your audience’s attention instead?

1. Play to your audience’s emotions

“Your product or service probably started because of a pain, frustration, fear or improvement…” Use this to your advantage.

Create a story that demonstrates one of these emotions being visually expressed by an actor. The character should resemble a person that is relatable to the viewer. To find someone that might work, visualise the day in the life of your potential customer and the types of people that they might speak with.

Combine this relatability and visual expression of emotion with the right music and camera shots and you will be on your way to creating emotion within your video.

But things are changing for marketers when it comes to these techniques with Facebook ads. Since the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook wants their users to have a positive experience. Therefore when it comes to creating ads, a positive message will be cheaper and get more reach over a negative message.

How do you therefore stand out with video ads on Facebook?

  1. Create a testimonial video form a client
  2. Show a story of how you helped a client, integrating the struggle they originally had
  3. Create a before and after video (A before and after image will get blocked by a Facebook ad, so this needs to be done within a videoUse testimonials o

Need the basics for Facebook ads for B2C marketing?.

2. Make the video about them

To stand out with video, you need to focus the video on the viewer. Make it about their pains, their goals, and their challenges. A video that expresses one of these elements visually will perform a lot better than one that simply describes your company’s latest achievement.

audience emotion

Play to the irrational system 1 of the brain and you will receive more click through to your website. You can then provide the rational reasons on why your product or service offering is best. Use this useful guide to system 1 of the brain.

3. Provide a Cliffhanger or Teaser

Your video sparks emotion and is all about the customer, but what next? Don’t provide all the storytelling in the first awareness video. Leave the viewer with a cliffhanger or teaser so they have an incentive to click through and read more on your website. And increase conversion by having the video in the right place on your website.

teaser example

This can be achieved through:

  • A clear call to action at the end of the video to learn more about the story or the product/service it is associated with.
  • Leaving the story of the video with a cliffhanger without directly asking the viewer to learn more or click here.
  • Adding a 3-5 second teaser of the next video on the website with a link to watch it.

4. Create contrast in the video

Ensure that the video stands out on a busy newsfeed in a few quick steps. We want to ensure that the person in the video contrasts against their background.

To do this:

  • Remove all potential distractions in the background of the video that do not directly relate to the content of the video itself.
  • Place the person in the centre of the shot
  • Add lighting that shines on the subject’s face
  • Focus the camera on the person
  • Add filters
Stand_out_ add_contrast_facebook_ad_tale_production_video_production_and_marketing

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