Increase Sales by Understanding the Mind

“93% of people say that they have tried a new brand due to a heartfelt story” – Harvard Business Review

Let’s find out why…

There are two systems of the brain

System 1 (the subconscious):

  • Is always on
  • Is quite fast
  • Draws on intuition and association
  • Has a large capacity
  • Requires no effort

System 2 (the conscious):

  • Is very lazy
  • Is considerably slow
  • Draws on logic and rationality
  • Has a limited capacity
  • Requires full focus

Having two systems of the brain means that we make decisions in two different ways. Sometimes system 1 takes charge and we make irrational, impulsive decisions. These choices are based on both needs, such as food, drink and sleep, and desires, such as, social inclusion, addictions and fear of missing out.


Other times, system 2 will take command, leading us to try to make rational and logical decisions. These choices try to evaluate the pros and cons of the different options to find the best logical outcome.


Knowing about the systems is one thing, appealing to them is an entirely different process, in order to increase sales. Learn more about how to appeal to the different systems.

There are three stages of purchase

These two different types of decision making roles result in three stages of a customer’s journey from initial awareness to final purchase.

1) Awareness Stage – System 1 of the brain is active and you should look to entice the viewer with emotion to watch your video or click onto your website. Understanding your customer pains is key for how to understand the mind here.

2) Consideration Stage – Both system 1 and system 2 are working here. You should provide rational reasons for purchase, but also ensure that your website is easy to navigate and find information.

3) Decision Stage – System 2 is taking control here. You should offer the answers to the final questions a customer might have here, such as how to install, use or setup your product or service. As this is the stage where you can see the most increased sales, if it’s done right.

Awareness, Consideration and Decision Stage

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the buyer’s journey. Learn more about how to optimise your content for each stage.

Your Customers will research your product or service before purchase

Don’t be afraid if they check out your competitors, they’re looking for answers to questions they might have about your offering.

Beat them to it by:

  • Providing an FAQ section on your main product page that answers all of your customer’s questions.
  • Building trust and authenticity by using your own images instead of un-engaging stock ones.
  • Give more value to the customer through behind the scenes videos and images or a collection of useful videos that answer any of these questions separately.

As an example, we create video’s that show our knowledge around video marketing to increase trust of who we are and what we do:

Use Mystery to Rocket Awareness & Boost Sales

Continue the story from awareness throughout the buyer’s journey to increase sales. Use a cliffhanger at the end of the first video that is answered on the landing page. This mystery incentivises people to want to know the answer and remain on your website.

Here’s a great example from KinderEgg:

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