Brand continuity through video,

In marketing there is a rule of 7, created in the film industry and states that someone needs to see your message 7 times to take an action. In reality, with how over saturated social channels are becoming, its more likely more than that.

However, you can reduce this by having great brand consistency across all your channels.

And as Video Is now used by 60% of B2B and B2C customers its important to get the brand consistency right here too.

What is an actual brand consistency definition?

This is making sure that all design elements, fonts, styling, tone of voice, sound and much more are all consistent on all different platforms and that the message to customers is consistent.


So how does brand consistency with video work and what are some examples

To be on brand we need to have consistency with all or a few of the following:

  • Colour
  • Tone
  • Sound
  • Style

A loss in consistency can be through changing something as simple as camera setup, lighting, style (i.e slow motion, time lapse, top down filming).

Below are some familiar examples of companies that do this well.

This is especially important when building up a portal of evergreen brand building video content and it should get to a point where someone see’s your thumbnail and knows it’s you and what they are going to get as a result.


Another brand consistency case study, is Squarespace, with their jingles

They use the same jingle throughout their Youtube ads. Wacth a few example below:

It’s a catchy little tune and the more you see their paid ads on Youtube the more it entices you in.

As well as the sound, they have also played to the emotions. of their target audience really well, giving you this sense of excitement. Taking you on a whistle stop tour (in 30 seconds) to see how amazing your idea, invention or service can look on a website.

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Branding yourself

There are situations whereby you are an individual or a person within a company whereby it is beneficial to build up a personal brand as well as or instead of the companies.

A great example is a friend of mine Ross Edgley who, before he swam around the UK, worked for The Protein Works. Ross build up a personal brand that shared workout expertise, extreme challenges, and diet tips that were relatable to The Protein Works target audience.

21,000+ Views

He has over 380K followers that respect him and happy to buy from his recommendations he makes, The Protein Works being the main one.

This can relate to anything from, being a marketing expert to the most knowledgeable person when it comes to shed building.

Our Top Brand Consistency Statistics

  • B2B brands fare better with customers when they use emotive rather than rational marketing messages. (MarketingWeek)
  • On average, 5 to 7 brand impressions are necessary before someone will remember your brand. (Pam Moore)
  • The average revenue increase attributed to always presenting the brand consistently is 23%. (Lucidpress)

Brand guidelines for your video

Make sure you include the following:

Style – For example: graphics, introduction, overlays, slow motion, time-lapse, acting style, format

Language – For example: humorous, serious, uplifting

Colours – For example: LUT, pallet for graphics, overlays,

Logo Usage – For example: Animated, position, how big, slogan,

Typography – For example: Colour style, types, when, where.

Sound – For example: Jingle, style, instruments, genre, Bespoke or none

Call to action – For example: What should it be and when, where does it link, said or just shown

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