Where to place video on your website

So you’ve just finished your marketing video that’s going to blow your customers away and convert more visitors on your site, BUT where do you place it?

When choosing the best location and distribution method for your video on your website, it is important to consider a few factors. If you’re using a single home page explainer video, then by using these techniques you will increase visitor watch time:

1. Place your video at the top of your page.

As it’ll mean less scrolling time for visitors and more views. This is especially important if your video is your best method of explaining your business function and value proposition.

2. Don’t autoplay the video when a visitors lands on your page.

As this is both considered widely annoying by visitors and will considerably decrease the website loading times.

3. Don’t assume people will watch the video.

Instead have text explaining the content and call to actions from the video nearby on the same page. This will help to engage those who prefer to read to watching content.

4. Provide sharing options across all relevant platforms.

This will allow your community and visitors to further engage with your content. This can be useful in a B2B business as well as the visitor is more than likely not the final decision maker.

5. Ensure that the play button is large and contrasting to make certain that it is enticing.

You can also use a hover-over feature that changes the box’s colour when moused over, which will increase clicks further.

Once you have these factors outlined, you could also consider using a lightbox for your video to make it pop out from the screen. This will blur the background and allow visitors to more easily concentrate on the video they clicked to watch. However, it is important to consider the effects this might have on your mobile website and sitemap.

Tale Production Lightbox

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