Customer Pains

Customer pains are specific problems that potential customers of your product or service are currently experiencing.

They  form an important part of your video marketing strategy as they help to define different parts of your ACD model.

They also help to form the storytelling in your awareness video, the highlighted key features in your consideration video and the requirements of the decision video(s).

There are a range of questions that can be asked to customers to highlight their pains and we have listed several of them to get you started.

5 Recommended Questions

1. How do your customers define what costs too much? requires too much effort? or takes too much time to complete?

  • These questions help you to work out what customers assume to be their maximum price, effort or time commitment to a task.
  • The answers could be grouped together (ie. between 0-10 seconds, 11-60 seconds, 1-5 minutes, 6-20 minutes, 20 minutes +) which would help to compile results and lower customer effort. There are also advantages to allowing for a broader answer of what ‘too much’ is, which might be described non-numerically.

2. What makes your customers feel bad? What causes frustration, annoyance or discomfort to them?

  • These questions will help you to get a better understanding of your customers find disrupts the enjoyment of a task.
  • You could provide answers that you think they will have or leave it is an open-ended question. It is recommended to delve deeper on whatever they suggest causes them these pains. This can be achieved through repeatedly asking ‘why’ until you find the real root cause of their problem.

3. How are current market alternatives underperforming? what features are missing? do they have any performance issues or malfunctions?

  • These questions will help to define which of your key features to express in the consideration stage of the buyer’s journey.
  • They will also help you to understand what comparisons the customers are making on products and services in your area. These comparisons allow you to create key feature comparison pages of your product or service against your competitors that will help move your customers from consideration to decision.

4. What are the main difficulties and challenges that your customers encounter? do they understand how things work or how to get them done?  

  • These questions aim to discover the regular problems encountered by your customer and the abilities the ease with which they can solve them. The current understanding that customers have of the solution will help to refine if you need to create further awareness or explanation in your marketing.

5. What types of risks do your customers fear? do they fear financial, social or technical risks?

  • These questions will aid your knowledge of the reasons behind your customer’s fear that prevent them using a current solution. The answers are particularly vital in a B2B scenario as the professional environment could enforce further risks that come from a management dynamic.

These five questions will provide a good starting point for your customer research. However, it is important to consider that customers might provide inaccurate answers on what they currently do or want to change.

To help overcome this, it is important to observe customers in their daily lives and watch them interact with and try to overcome their pain. This combined with a interview style approach and delving deeper on the customer reasons why, will provide vital marketing research for your business.

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