3 Ways to optimise your video marketing on social media

By 2019 it is expected that 80% of all internet traffic will be video content (2017, Cisco).

This means that it’s vital that you make the most out of the videos that you post to your social media platforms.

Below we have listed 3 easy steps to improve the distribution of your video content when advertising on social media.



With 2.2 billion users, it is the largest social media platform in the world. Facebook offers highly focused targeting that draws on a large number of audience definition combinations that allow you to put your video in front of those who best fit your buyer persona.

  1. Choose the correct target audience

The Facebook ads are only as effective as they are defined so creating a custom audience is important in reaching your potential consumers. Fortunately, the platform offers a large number of details, including location, age, gender, language, demographics, interests behaviours.

These details should be filled out with details from your buyer’s persona so that the audience fits within the defined range on the barometer provided.

  1. Use Cost Per Impression (CPM) to enable Autoplay

Since most Facebook users need a scroll-stopping moment, a great method of achieving this is enabling autoplay for your videos. Although the cost per impression method can be more expensive than the alternative cost-per-click, the engagement is almost always higher from viewers.

  1. Conduct multiple ad groups simultaneously

Rather than assume that your target audience have certain interests, instead use groups of 10-15 ads based on key interest topics around a certain theme. For instance, if you are selling software for small businesses, then separately target an individual with an interest of Entrepreneur, Small and Medium Businesses, Entrepreneurial Skills and StartUps.

You can then refine the ad campaigns based on the results and better target the consumers, while reducing the ad spend on the underperforming ad groups.


  1. Add text to the Videos

Since videos on Instagram are muted by default, it is important that either the consumer pains can be identified without words or are described in text on the video. Doing so will lead to higher engagement with the audience and allow them to better understand your product or service.

  1. Thumbnails on your Videos

For a second or two Instagram will show a thumbnail of your video that can only be chosen from the video itself. Thus, it is important to incorporate your desired thumbnail in the video to ensure that people click on and engage with your ad.

  1. Wait until the viewer is connected to WiFi

There is an option on both Instagram and Facebook to only show ads to viewers who are connected to WiFi. This can be useful in ensuring that the videos load fast enough for the person scrolling through the feed to view them and thus click through on your call to action.


Instagram has over 400 million users and a highly engaged audience that is great for brand awareness. The majority of instagram users are millennials or Gen Z users and so promotions across the platform should be focused on engaging with this audience.


LinkedIn Logo

LinkedIn has over 500 million members, of which 40% use the platform daily. This has meant that it is the best platform for promoting B2B advertisements and video content on the network should be directed towards key decision makers.

  1. Gain more value by posting the video in the feed

Native videos in the newsfeed are considerably more likely to be engaged with and viewed than pre-roll video ads. This higher view rate can reduce the cost per view for your firm and deliver more potential leads.

  1. Videos can be targeted to specific decision makers and companies

Through uploading a CSV file and running account based marketing (ABM), audiences can be segmented by job title, seniority, company name, industry, skills and more. This can lead to more relevant impressions from decision makers that fit directly in your target market.

  1. Upload subtitles as a separate file

LinkedIn allows you to upload subrip (.srt) files alongside your videos. This leads to considerably more engagement and views on your videos as the subtitles appear when the video is muted. 


  1. Make the most out of the hashtags

Twitter has one of the strongest potential search-ability in hashtags of any platform. It is important that relevant, location-based hashtags are used in the written content that accompanies your video posts.

A hashtag holidays calendar can be used to keep track of upcoming relevant holidays that might allow for your content to be viewed by large numbers of new users.

  1. Reply and Engage your audience

Make at least 30-40% of your tweets replies to other people and offer conversational messages that spark further replies. Your original video posts will subsequently reach more people and you’ll gain active rather than passive followers.

  1. Account for the Twitter Environment

Although repurposing content for Twitter is perfectly acceptable, you should make sure the videos are short (between 30-45 seconds) and attention grabbing from the start to make the most of the platform’s autoplay feature and fast environment.

The platform has over 313 million monthly users. It is a great method of engaging with customers, answering questions and reaching a relatively young audience.


YouTube Logo

On Youtube 3.25 billion hours of video are watched each month and the platform is the go-to place for video content, created and watched by all kinds of people.

  1. Optimise your channel page to drive traffic

Most viewers of your ad will click onto your channel page, which should provide relevant information on your company and links to other social media channels and webpages. It is also important to provide a key message in the YouTube banner alongside a call to action that will direct viewers.

  1. Use unconventional or attention grabbing videos

No viewer on the site wants to see an infomercial and will respond considerably better if they are told an original and interesting story. This story should link to your business, but can be unrelated to your product or service to have a wider scope in retaining viewers.

Some ads on the platform can be created in the form of user-owned content that makes the video feel more relatable and genuine.

  1. Add interactive elements to your ads

You can add calls-to-action, cards to showcase products and even auto-end screens to your videos as overlays that will allow you to make best use of the videos. These elements will allow viewers to more easily click through, but shouldn’t be overused or otherwise will feel amateur.

If you make sure to conduct the above three features for each platform and combine this with engaging videos that capture the viewer emotionally, then you’ll stand to gain considerably more from your video marketing strategy and attract more customers.

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