Celebrating 70 years of the NHS

What was happening 70 years ago?

The National Health Service will be celebrating 70 years of the NHS on July 5th. The health service we have is an amazing institution that provides healthcare to everyone who needs it. We are lucky to have been involved in filming to celebrate this achievement.

Because of this we also wanted to see what else was happening in the:

World of Technology 70 Years ago

 It’s great to see how technology and the world have progressed over the past 70 years and seeing how far it has come! Take a look at some of the facts below to see how much things have changed:

The First transistor was made which enabled the production of amplifiers and microchips. Without this production computers and phones we have today would not exist!


Also, the first Polaroid camera was on sale as the first commercially viable instant camera by Edwin Land! Think about what we can do today with our cameras!


In addition, the first interactive electronic video game was patented as “Cathode-Ray Tube Amusement Device”. The game on the device was shooting. The idea didn’t catch on for 25 years!


Next, The World Health Organisation (WHO) was created by the UN and signed by 63 countries, which helps and supports international public health through the connected world!

world-health-organisation-who-support-help-connectivity-connection-70-years-nhs-filming-video-productionAnd finally, George Clemens created the first commercial hand dryer; let’s compare it to Dyson!


It’s great to see how much we have developed!


Behind the scenes of video content creation for the NHS

NHS England states that ‘We want everyone to have greater control of their health and their wellbeing, and to be supported to live longer, healthier lives by high-quality health and care services that are compassionate, inclusive and constantly improving’.



I got to speak and film some of the amazing team at Nottingham University Hospitals. Some were part of the program ‘Hospital’, including Chief Nurse at NUH Mandie Sunderland (Pictured above). It was a great chance to hear their real thoughts and opinions on the NHS and what it does. It was uplifting to hear of their dedication to the organisation and their genuine pride in being part of the NHS family.

The People

The people I spoke to could not have been nicer and more giving of their time to talk to me. It was great to find out about life 70 years ago and how things have changed. Many of the staff I spoke to have had experiences with the healthcare service leading to them wanting to care for people. From house fires to heart surgery, the stories were overwhelming and it was emotional to hear their personal journeys.

Getting Scrubbed up


Getting to go into surgery was a personal highlight for me to see the real-life action and the pressures the staff are put under.

The deputy team leader of theatre training team, Heather Young, was very willing to help me. She was exceptionally accommodating to the filming needs by organising the opportunity to film surgery and finding people to speak to. They really do ‘Listen and care about individuals’.

Ultimately The NHS has come on leaps and bounds with the last 10 years. Seeing a rise and improvement in digital technologies encourages them to make the most of smart technologies. We have seen innovations like hand transplants and prosthetic limbs. However, the future is looking even more exciting for the NHS with potential introductions of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), robotic-assisted surgery and much more!


So finally, Tale Production wants to say,


to the NHS and their work over the past 70 years. It has made such a difference to so many people’s lives and it’s been a pleasure to be a part of the celebrations!