Goodbye to Tale Production!

Since March this year, I have been interning for Tale Production as the marketing lead but now my time is up! After working part-time for 6 months, it time for me to move on to the next adventure and say goodbye to Tale Production!

This role was my first after completing a masters and finally seeing what its like outside of the academic, higher education world. It was great to still be in Loughborough where I have made my home for the past 5 years (in education and the working environment!).

What I learnt at Tale Production

Working for a start-up was really rewarding; the ability to be hands-on and heavily involved in day-to-day decisions helped to build, not only my confidence but also my skill set. I had the opportunity to write content just like this for blogs, marketing material and social media posts whilst using my creativity to give insight into the re-brand and re-launch of the Tale Production website. Helping to re-brand has been my highlight of the past 6 months as I can visibly see what I have contributed to the company and its developments in being more niche in the technology sector.

What I liked about Tale Production

Alex (Tale Production’s founder) and I worked together really well, making the office a fun, relaxed place to be and helping me to work to my full ability! Alex is a relaxed boss, putting trust into your work ethic and your achievements making you feel valued.

Working in Start-Ups

If you are hesitating whether to work for a small business, I could not recommend it more! Your input is invaluable and you visibly see the impact you have!

Be a big fish in a little pond; let your light shine!

So, Goodbye to Tale Production – I’m sure you’ll keep flying high!

If you would are interested in working with Tale Production in marketing, video production (because it’s cool!) or anything else simply email: and have a chat!