Is a Video Right For Me?

//Is a Video Right For Me?

Is a Video Right For Me?

This blog is all about finding out what type of content strategy is for you, based on 3 goals of:

  1. Increasing sales

  2. Improve conversion through your website

  3. Improve engagement through mail list or social media

To the right you can see a small version of the decision map which will enable you to see what type of content is recommended to suit your goals.

This diagram has been created with our engineering problem solving mindset and knowledge and understanding of marketing content.

In addition, we see this not a way to tell you video is the right type of content, but to give you examples of what will work for you based on your:

  • Goals for the business

  • Budget

  • What you are or aren’t already doing

And the resulting content may be:

  • SEO support

  • Blog writing

  • Social media strategy

  • Getting in touch with influencer’s

  • As well as video of course

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