How to Improve the Look of Your Video

Want to get a great look for your own personal ‘how to’ or ‘testimonial’ videos?

We are here to tell you how to improve the look of your video by making it look more professional. The look of your video is integral to making a lasting positive impression on a potential customer or client. We can help you improve the look with 3 simple tips concerning the depth of field, composition and lighting, which are all vital to its overall visual impact.


Number one: The importance of the depth of field to video production

The purpose of this is to avoid the audience getting distracted from the main subject or objective of the video. Creating great depth of field helps to focus attention on the face.


Number two: Composition

This consists of camera height, camera angle and framing of the subject. Make sure the camera is at eye level. In the case of an interview, use the rules of thirds, this helps to build interest in the visual and is often used by photographers. The rule of thirds divides an image into 9 3×3 equal parts, where the areas of interest in the video should correspond with the intersecting lines.

Number three: Lighting

Lighting is often forgotten but actually, it can improve the quality and mood of the video.  The simple 3-point lighting technique makes all the difference in visual media. It’s important to have the lights contrasting on both sides of the face, the front and the back of the face. In addition, you can add light to the dark side of the face to make it look less intimidating, again affecting the mood and tone of the video or testimonial. The lighting in the background helps to make the scene more natural and much more friendly to the audience.


To see the effects for yourself, take a look at the video by clicking on the image below:

The key thing is to keep trying new things and experimenting! 

Try and have a go yourself and see if you can improve the look of your own video.